Strategy & Execution for Growth

Almstedt & Partners is a global network with over 60 Senior Business Partners in America, Asia & Europe
Lennart Almstedt
Business Broker &
Business Partner
- from Strategic Coaching 
   to International Business
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We deliver Business Results, in a Business Partner relation

The partner network has extended line, board and business experience, i.e. bringing unique 

competences, capabilities, relations, and trust to the team to deliver agreed business results.

Speed to Business Results 

Extensive business experience from senior executive positions, in combination with strong business networks, gives the right conditions for reaching agreed Business Results quickly and efficiently.

Success Sharing

The model for our collaboration is flexible and is based on what business results are desirable

and can often include, for example, Success Sharing as an important component.

Scaleups & Larger
High-tech companies
Corporate Development 
& Internationalization
Strategy & Execution
in Collaboration
Business Partners, Advisors 
Interim Managers, Investors


Almstedt & Partners AB

Renstigen 8b, SE-16354 Spånga, Sweden

E-mail: lennart at almstedt dot nu

Skype: lennart dot almstedt

Mobile: +46 70 545 60 88

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