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Seminar & Workshop April 2-3, 2019. An initiative by and in collaboration with

Keiretsu Forum Nordics Academy


A Business Training Program

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  • Does your company need to get funded, now or in the next 9 months?

  • Does your company need to create, improve or validate your growth strategy?

  • Does your company need to get ready to pitch your strategy for investors?

Success is leveraged by great people! To maximize the effect, people must collaborate, hence we offer 3 participants for 1 price!


Give us two days of your time and we will help you create, train and get ready to stand out from the competition, and get the funding that you and your company deserve!

For funding, you need to understand the mind of an investor, have a bulletproof growth strategy, and the skills and confidence to pitch with impact – this training program is led by experienced experts that will help you combine all three critical factors in one single program!


Target participants:

  • Founders, CEO’s, key management team members.

  • Board members and active owners


Ideally three from each company for the best results, but we require a minimum of two key decision makers from each company to make an impact.


This is a 2-day packed workshop for you and your team to get your basics right, evaluate them and improve so you can get to the next level.

After two days:

  • You will have a target list of investors that you can start to call immediately.

  • You will understand who, why and how an investor will choose you.

  • You will have improved your growth strategy to fit your team & strengths.

  • You will know why your current presentation doesn’t have the impact you need.

  • You will know how to present to the right person, with the right content in the right way, so you can pitch your improved plan with confidence and impact.


This program will offer new insights into the funding process. You will get ready for your next funding by understanding more of how an investor thinks, and what you need to have in place to be considered for funding.

The program will enhance your chances to make your company grow. You will be trained by leading experts in a unique mix of combining early stage investing, growth strategies and communication. You will learn how investors think and reason, how you can improve your growth strategy, and how to communicate with impact.


In the program, you will work on your own company. With a mix of hands-on work, theory and specific questions and coaching on an individual basis, you will come out from this training with new insights, confidence and skills that can be used immediately to progress your company.

Purpose of the workshop:

  • Get ready for your next investment and increase your chances of success


The training is primarily for teams of two to three persons from each company who want to take their company to the next level by attracting the right investors. We believe your company makes at least 20 MSEK a year in revenue or has reached a proven position and is now looking for a bigger investment and internationalization.




08:00AM-08.30AM: Breakfast
08.30AM-09.15AM: Welcome and introduction
09.15AM-10.45AM: Mindset of an investor
10.45AM-11.00AM: Coffee
11.00AM-12.00PM: How to get the investor’s trust 
12.00PM-1.00PM: Lunch
1.00PM-2.45PM: Strategy and business plan, part 1
2.45PM-3.00PM: Coffee
3.00PM-4.00PM: Strategy and business plan, part 2
4.00PM-4.30PM: The perfect pitch, introduction
4.30PM-5.00PM: Reflection

08.30AM-09.00AM: Recap and Reflections 
09.00AM-10.00AM: Strategy and business plan, part 3
10.00AM-10.15AM: Coffee
10.15AM-11.00AM: Workshop
11.00AM-12.00PM: Pitch, presentation
12.00PM-1.00PM: Lunch
1.00PM-2.00PM: Workshop
2.00PM-2.15PM: Coffee
2.15PM-3.45PM: Pitch, presentation
3.45PM-4.30PM: Mindset of an investor, reflection
4.30PM-5.00PM: Closing remarks


For more information and registration go to the link Getting Funded

When:         Date: April 2-3, 2019  ---  Day 1: 8:30AM – 5:00PM, Day 2: 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Location:   Stockholm

Fee:             19 900 SEK+VAT/company  ---  Up to 3 persons / company

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Our mission is “Great Association with Quality Deal Flow”

Keiretsu Forum is the largest global private equity investment network of accredited private investors, venture capitalists, and corporate/institutional investors. Membership in Keiretsu Forum is by invitation only and is extended to individuals who share our vision and will actively contribute to our community.

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