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Typically, programs with a number of shorter meetings over a few months. Easy to start and adjust. 

  • Often a good way to start developing your own thinking process and to develop you own conclusions, here and now. While some issues can be reviewed and developed during a few meeting during a few weeks other might need many months, with several mentors. Can support development of new insights, for both management and the board, with high flexibility and low risk.  

  • Part of Mentorerna, see Mentor Lennart Almstedt (in Swedish).


Small or extended programs. Advisory board can have several persons. Easy to start and adjust. 

  • More complex challenges, e.g. targeting Asia for the first time, or for more long-term issues, e.g. to re-position the company, might need more specific advice and might need several advisors during a longer period of time. Faster and more flexible than waiting for new people to be hired or new board members to get in place. Also, this may be the best way to get access to very experienced people that can't be hired or aren't interested in board positions.


When there is a need to rapidly move the operation one step forward in a certain area. Typically 1/2 - 2 days, more if it makes business sens.

  • There is often a need to rapidly develop easy to understand business models for one or many new business ideas. And often also to include very brief "micro business plans" to identify if the ideas seems to be possible to realize, if they fulfill decision criteria, etc. Some examples of these and other common "speed program":

  1. Business Model development - up to 8 models per day

  2. Micro Business Plan development - up to 8 plans per day

  3. Business Plan Shaping - review and gap identification

  4. Business Plan Refinement - improve selected parts

  5. Investment Memorandum - add key sections to Business Plan

  6. Change Management Program - to manage improvement areas that are of key importance but complex and new for the team

  7. Opportunity assessment - can we win? do we want to try?

  8. Messaging - building trust by a solid messaging framework

  9. Innovation management - to promote, capture, describe, qualify, refine and incorporate new business ideas


To prepare and support internationalization to important areas, e.g. USA, China, Germany, France, India, etc.

  • We have, thanks to our network of Business Partners, access to experienced competence and capabilities globally. Cooperation can be based on Consulting, Business Partner or Interim Management models.

upptagen kontor

Delivering business results. Adding power by ready-to-go competence and capability. Goal based. 

  • Complementary mentors and advisors, including advisory boards, are sometimes enough to add new insights, to select the best options and to strengthen performance and business results.

  • But, often additional capabilities and more hands-on activities are needed as well. To rapidly add people, with substantial business experience, who can take responsibility to deliver business results, might be the right option.

  • Cooperation can be based on Consulting, Business Partner or Interim Management models.


Developing Business Plans and Investment Memorandums.  

  • Sometimes there is a need to not only develop Business Models, Micro Business Plan etc. but to develop a solid and well thought trough Business Plan for the entire corporation or an Investment Memorandum at times of financing. 

  • We have supported very large global companies, mid-sized companies and start-up companies with this task. We have also been running education programs at e.g. Stockholm School of Economics and at companies regarding this subject.

  • I.e., weather you need support to learn to develop "one-hour Micro Business Plans" or you would like to invest many man-weeks in well thought trough and complete Business Plans, we have the experience.

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We are used to arrange customer specific unique ice-breaking business programs including e.g.

  • intense and adventurous workshops in remote places (the enclosed picture from a workshop in Kebnekaise is an example)

  • meetings with external leading top executives and influencers

  • disruptive and engaging change management programs

  • other innovative mind opening programs  

Please contact us for a fun, creative and productive discussion. 

Readiness for internationalization bild
Special 1:

Internationalization is of key importance for many companies. This program will help you to assess how well prepared your company is to establish and to grow business in new markets. There are two options:

  1. A web-based program guiding you through 21 question with suggestions how to think and how to rate yourself. Available at the following Link 

  2. A workshop at your company during a few hours.

Special 2:

Bringing the management team, the board, the task force, the new management team after an M&A, or why not investors, board and management team together, to a new environment for a few days to focus on some key issues, e.g. leadership, culture, strategic options or corporate mission, is often very beneficial. We have experience and suggestions, e.g. to go to a vineyard in Piemonte. Or why not Kebnekaise? In this case we cooperate with Avalon Adventure (web-site in Swedish). In picture, lower left corner, you see an out-door workshop with a management team in Tarfala. 

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